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Welcome to Mensa Brasil!

Associação Mensa Brasil is the Mensa’s representantive in Brasil, under the auspicies of Mensa International.


Information for international members

If you are a current member of another national Mensa and want to keep in touch with Brazilian local SIGs, please contact secretaria@mensa.org.br to get access. Please provide full name and member number in your message

Membership transfer

If you are a current or former member of another national Mensa and are currently living in Brasil, you may transfer your membership to Mensa Brasil by following these steps:

Contact secretaria@mensa.org.br with your full name, original member number, date of last member fee payment, country of your national Mensa, brasilian address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth and CPF (brasilian fiscal document, if available)


SIGHT info

If you’re a current member traveling to Brasil, please contact sight@mensa.org.br. Paula Valente (our SIGHT coordinator) will help you to keep in touch with local members 🙂